rsudp.packetize (data formatter)

The packetize module is a utility that turns miniSEED data into text files containing the Raspberry Shake UDP data format (see Producer-consumer message passing). It can be run either from another python module using the rsudp.packetize.packetize() function, or from the command line.

Python usage:

from rsudp.packetize import packetize
packetize('test.mseed', 'output.txt')

Command line usage:

conda activate rsudp
python -i test.mseed -o output.txt


Command line usage must be done from within an environment in which obspy is installed as a python3 package.


This function reads command line arguments, then calls rsudp.packetize.packetize() with those arguments.

rsudp.packetize.packetize(inf, outf)

Reads a seismic data file and converts it to ascii text.

  • inf (str) – the input data file to convert

  • outf (str) – where to write the output file

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