rsudp.client (central module)

rsudp.client.handler(sig, frame)

Function passed to signal.signal() to handle close events


Loads settings to start the main client. Supply -h from the command line to see help text.


Appends a process to the list of threads to start and stop.

Parameters:proc (threading.Thread) – The process thread to append to the list of threads.

Makes a queue and appends it to the destinations variable to be passed to the master consumer thread rsudp.c_consumer.Consumer.

Return type:queue.Queue
Returns:Returns the queue to pass to the sub-consumer., debug)

Main setup function. Takes configuration values and passes them to the appropriate threads and functions.

  • settings (dict) – settings dictionary (see Default settings for guidance)
  • debug (bool) – whether or not to show debug output (should be turned off if starting as daemon)

Start Consumer, Threads, and Producer.


New in version 0.4.3.

Set up tests, run modules, report test results. For a list of tests run, see rsudp.test.


Sets the TESTING global variable to True to indicate that testing-specific actions should be taken in routines.

Parameters:mode (bool) – if True or False, sets testing mode state. if anything else, returns state only.
Returns:testing mode state
Return type:bool

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