rsudp.c_forward (forward data)

class rsudp.c_forward.Forward(num, addr, port, fwd_data, fwd_alarms, cha, q, testing=False)

Single-destination data forwarding module. This consumer reads queue messages from the rsudp.c_consumer.Consumer and forwards those messages to a specified address and port. Multiple of these threads can be started in order to deliver to more than one destination. (see the forward (datacast forwarding) section in Modules and Settings)

New in version 1.0.2: The option to choose whether to forward either data or alarms or both (find boolean settings "fwd_data" and "fwd_alarms" in settings json files built by this version and later).

  • addr (str) – IP address to pass UDP data to
  • port (str) – network port to pass UDP data to (at specified address)
  • fwd_data (bool) – whether or not to forward raw data packets
  • fwd_alarms (bool) – whether or not to forward ALARM and RESET messages
  • cha (str or list) – channel(s) to forward. others will be ignored.
  • q (queue.Queue) – queue of data and messages sent by rsudp.c_consumer.Consumer

Gets and distributes queue objects to another address and port on the network.

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