rsudp.c_rsam (RSAM analysis)

class rsudp.c_rsam.RSAM(q=False, interval=5, cha='HZ', deconv=False, fwaddr=False, fwport=False, fwformat='LITE', quiet=False, testing=False, *args, **kwargs)

New in version 1.0.1.

A consumer class that runs an Real-time Seismic Amplitude Measurement (RSAM). If debugging is enabled and "quiet" is set to true, RSAM is printed to the console every "interval" seconds, and optionally forwarded to an IP address and port specified by "fwaddr" and "fwport" with packets formatted as either JSON, “lite”, or CSV.

  • q (queue.Queue) – queue of data and messages sent by rsudp.c_consumer.Consumer.
  • quiet (bool) – True to suppress printing of RSAM analysis live to the console, False otherwise.
  • interval (float) – window of time in seconds to apply RSAM analysis.
  • cha (str) – listening channel (defaults to [S,E]HZ)
  • deconv (str) – 'VEL', 'ACC', 'GRAV', 'DISP', or 'CHAN'
  • fwaddr (str) – Specify a forwarding address to send RSAM in a UDP packet
  • fwport (str) – Specify a forwarding port to send RSAM in a UDP packet
  • fwformat (str) – Specify a format for the forwarded packet: 'LITE', 'JSON', or 'CSV'

Reads data from the queue and executes self.codefile if it sees an ALARM message. Quits if it sees a TERM message.

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