rsudp.c_write (write data)

class rsudp.c_write.Write(q, data_dir, testing=False, debug=False, cha='all')

A simple routine to write daily miniSEED data to output_dir/data.


Ticks self variables over into a new day for file naming purposes.

Parameters:new (bool) – If False, the program is starting. If True, the UTC date just elapsed.

Reads data from the queue and updates the stream.

Return type:bool
Returns:Returns True if stream is updated, otherwise False.

Reads packets and coordinates write operations.


Sets samples per second.


Causes the stream to slice down to the time the last write operation was made.


Writes a segment of the stream to disk as miniSEED, and appends it to the file in question. If there is no file (i.e. if the program is just starting or a new UTC day has just started, then this function writes to a new file).

Parameters:stream ( or bool) – The stream segment to write. If False, the program has just started.

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