rsudp.packetloss (track packets)


When run from the command line, pass in a value of seconds as an argument to set the packet loss for reporting period.

for example, to report packet loss statistics every hour, run the following command (if rsudp is installed in your environment, i.e. activate using conda activate rsudp, then):

rs-packetloss -s 3600 -p 18001
rsudp.packetloss.printTTLS(CHAN, TR)

Report packets lost.

  • CHAN (int) – The name of the channel to report packetloss statistics for
  • TR (int) – Transmission rate in milliseconds between consecutive packets from a specific channel
Return type:



False if no time has elapsed since starting the program, otherwise True, port=8888)

Initialize stream and print constants, then process data for packet loss.

  • printFREQ (int) – Value in seconds denoting the frequency with which this program will report packets lost
  • port (int) – Local port to listen on
rsudp.packetloss.signal_handler(signal, frame)

The signal handler for the CTRL+C keystroke.

  • signum (int) – signal number
  • frame (int) – frame number

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