2. Contributing to this project

2.1. Code contributions

Contributions to this project are always welcome. If you have questions or comments about how this software works, we want to hear from you. Even if coding isn’t your thing, we want to make it easier for you to get involved. We monitor both our forums at https://community.raspberryshake.org, and our GitHub issues page at https://github.com/raspishake/rsudp/issues.

See our resources at Adding your own consumer modules to learn more about creating your own consumer modules like the ones already used to plot, send social media messages, play sounds, and more.

Since the Producer function passes an ALARM queue message when it sees rsudp.c_alert.Alert indicate an alarm state, other modules can be easily added and programmed to do something when they see this message as well.

The rsudp.c_custom.Custom class makes running custom code easy. If you have suggestions for feature addition of a new module, please open a new issue with the “enhancement” tag.

If you’re a developer or feeling adventurous, here are some fun potential projects:

  • Windows batch scripts similar to the provided UNIX ones

  • GPIO pin interaction module (lights, motor control, buzzers, etc.)

  • IFTTT integration

  • Integration into other social media apps beyond Telegram and Twitter

  • plot trigger on-off events for times set in ALARM and RESET messages using matplotlib.pyplot.axvline():

    on_events = [UTCDateTime1, UTCDateTime3]
    for time in on_events:
        plt.axvline(x=time, color='r', linestyle=(0, (14,14)), linewidth=1, alpha=0.7)
    off_events = [UTCDateTime2, UTCDateTime4]
    for time in off_events:
        plt.axvline(x=time, color='g', linestyle=(0, (14,14)), linewidth=1, alpha=0.7)
  • a more efficient plotting routine (I’m kidding, that’s actually not a fun one)

  • a way to run the plot module with the Agg backend in matplotlib, allowing for the creation of screenshots without the need for a plot window

2.2. Bugs

This software, like most, contains bugs and errors. If you find a bug, please create a GitHub issue. Be sure to describe the problem clearly, attach your logs (/tmp/rsudp/rsudp.log) and/or copy/paste command line output in triple backticks ``` like this ``` to format it as code.

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